Housing that Heals

We believe in grace. There are no throwaway people.


2023 Annual Report

Follow our progress by reading our annual report.

Home is so much more than a physical space.

It’s discovering the joy of new beginnings, the hopes of tomorrow, and finding your place to belong in this world.

We see a tremendous need in our community. Together we can address this need, lift those who are struggling and create a community where individuals grow and thrive.

We are uniquely equipped to not only offer shelter, but also offer the support required to stabilize, encourage, and elevate the most vulnerable in our community. Unconditional positive regard for those we serve envelops them in opportunities to heal and experience real peace and hope.

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Reflecting on Pleasant Hill and Planning for the Future

July 2, 2024

Hello Friends of Greater Des Moines Supportive Housing, It is time for a major update in the life of our organization.  This will be…

Greater Des Moines Supportive Housing Announces FSPA Grant Award

November 30, 2022

Greater Des Moines Supportive Housing (GDMSH) is extremely pleased to announce that we have been awarded a $300,000 Seeding a Legacy of Healing Grant…

November Update

November 10, 2022

Dearest Friends of Greater Des Moines Supportive Housing, Hello again! I’m excited to update you on what’s been happening behind the scenes these last…


From the CEO

Through the years, I have come to understand that what people crave is belonging. Just to be seen, as is, and accepted. This seems so simple, yet there are barriers at every turn. I believe creating this circle of inclusion and safe space for these vulnerable individuals– is my life’s work...

Impact Story

His mental health is spiraling

“It’s gotten so bad and I don’t understand how I am in this place. I’m scared, but there is a harsh voice in my head telling me I have to figure this out on my own. I’m coming to terms with not knowing how. This is not what I thought my life would become.” Samuel…
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