Greater Des Moines Supportive Housing Announces FSPA Grant Award

Greater Des Moines Supportive Housing (GDMSH) is extremely pleased to announce that we have been awarded a $300,000 Seeding a Legacy of Healing Grant from the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (FSPA) in La Crosse, Wisconsin. This impactful gift allows us to continue our work in creating much-needed housing opportunities for the most vulnerable in our community. We are honored to be chosen!

Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center in Hiawatha, Iowa

Our connection – Sister Nancy Hoffman, FSPA

Our connection to the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration begins with Sister Nancy Hoffman, who is one of the foundresses of Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center, which is supported by FSPA and located in Hiawatha, IA. Prairiewoods is a sacred retreat space inviting peace and transformation through nature. It is fitting that this is where the philosophy, mission, and beliefs surrounding Greater Des Moines Supportive Housing were conceived by the founding members-Emily Osweiler, Sarah Wigen, and Carol Luth.

Prairiewoods is where we formed a transformative connection with Sister Nancy, who we met, by chance, watering new trees along one of the beautiful Prairiewood trails during our October 2021 retreat. From the very beginning, Sister Nancy became an inspirational partner to us, offering spiritual support and counsel. Her steadfast belief in us has shored us up during the difficult times and keeps us grounded as we bring this dream to fruition. 

Carol, Sister Nancy, Sarah, and Emily

FSPA Seeding the Legacy of Healing Grant

FSPA is dedicated to bridging the gaps of social inequality throughout the world. To that end, they established this grant opportunity to address broad, international, national, and local social justice concerns. They have supported over 30 organizations totaling over $8 million in the past three years. Sister Nancy’s belief in our project led her to submit a Seeding the Legacy of Healing Grant on our behalf. She shared, “I support this spirit-led project because I believe the homeless deserve a place to live and be loved. I also believe in these three dedicated and qualified women who will make the project happen. They have experience, they’ve done their homework, they’ve made a commitment, and they have dedicated themselves to seeing the project through. Our FSPA community has a long history of caring for the homeless and the poor. These women and this project are a wonderful extension of our mission and ministry.”

It is a testament to our mission that our first grant comes from FSPA. We both believe in the power of community and belonging; that housing is social justice; and local concerns are our neighbors. We are proud to partner with FSPA to carry out these beliefs.

We are grateful to Sister Nancy and FSPA for this very generous award and vote of confidence in our work. Their gift gives us time to continue the intentional process of creating belonging, wellness, and home for those we are privileged to serve. 

Sister Nancy Hoffman, FSPA

Join Us – We Need You!

Please join us as we work to create a connection of belonging through a HOME. Recently, issues surrounding homelessness have been at the forefront of the news. Learn more about why homelessness for individuals and families is on the rise. If you see someone you believe is experiencing homelessness, take a moment to consider how it may feel for them to live their lives in public, with little or no access to the basic supports we take for granted. Consider their needs and wants, at what could be, the most challenging, vulnerable time of their lives. 

We invite you to stand with us in a circle of compassion, erasing the margins, so all are included and belong. We believe in grace. There are no throwaway people. Help create a foundation for Greater Des Moines Supportive Housing by donating here:

For more information about Greater Des Moines Supportive Housing, please contact Emily Osweiler, CEO at

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Prairiewoods offers 70 acres of trails and meditation areas
Sunrise at the labyrinth
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