She had to choose between her medications or food

Living on a monthly income of $774 in a low-income apartment which cost $650 per month meant that Mariana had $124 left each month for everything else. Every month, after the electricity was paid, she had to choose between paying for the six medications she needed and the cheapest of food. Her apartment was hazardous because of holes in the floor, pests, and a sporadic water supply. Her neighbors were often loud and violent or engaged in criminal activity. Because there was so much turnover in the apartment building, she never knew what would greet her if she unbolted her door and ventured out for a quick trip to the food pantry. 

One day she found a notice on her door. Her lease was not being renewed. She was shocked — she had never once been late with the rent, never once had he been a nuisance. As she read on, she saw the building owner was selling and the apartment would be renovated into a boutique hotel. 

Where could Mariana possibly afford to live?

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Seth Stevenson

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